Conflict-Free Financial Advice

First, foremost: I am free of conflict. HWM and Ignite Investing® do not rep commissioned financial products. We have zero entanglements with banks, brokerage houses, or insurance companies that compete with your interests. Our work is entirely transparent: no hidden fees or surprises.

And we put your needs even above our own.

This is rare among financial advisors:

  • It means I took an oath to be your fiduciary.

  • It means I have an ethical and legal obligation to prioritize your success.

  • It means I can objectively evaluate not just your brokerage accounts—but every financial matter you encounter.

I treat my oath seriously—my clients know it, and they benefit from it. This is how I’ve always done business, and it will never change.


Delivering Value

Second: I aim to have ZERO unhappy clients. Everybody gets what they want.

I often share the story of a client that came to me with $1.8M. In six years, she’s drawn nearly $500,000 in income to support early retirement.

I put my clients’ money into diversified portfolios developed by a dedicated, award-winning team, including a Nobel Laureate (read more about My Team and our portfolios). As your goals and market outlook change, we’ll rebalance the mix.

My portfolios avoid expensive front and back loads and other hidden costs that can – and often do – cancel out gains. They’re constructed to in an effort to maximize returns while staying within your coziest risk level.

What’s more, I’m not swept into the short-term excitement that skews portfolios – and exposes them to undue risk. Because of this, our portfolios are designed to lose less when markets fall (for example, the dot-com bubble in 2001). This is something I’m very proud of, and our track record goes back two decades.


An Advisor That Shows Up – and Puts You At Ease

For 17 years, I’ve been communicating to clients without jargon, collaborating without ego, and cultivating deep-seated trust.

I use plain language, true stories, and the best of all of my training, relationships, and “got your back” know-how to help you transform your financial reality and live the life of your dreams – the life that’s yours – the life that’s authentic to you. And while we work together, it’s my intention that our meetings help you to feel relaxed, taken care of, empowered, calm, clear and focused on the future you’re building.

I provide a pair of watchful eyes – and sit on your side of the table. I’m on your side, year after year.

I’ll sort out conflicts. Clients often get different advice from the various trusted professionals in their life. I’m with you all the way to make sure the actions you’re taking are acting in concert to serve, protect, and achieve what you want.

Contrast this with the financial advisor that doesn’t even know your name.

Finally, since my clients are located anywhere in the U.S., I work with you in ways that work for you. I make use of technology, so we can speak across time zones and geographies.


I want to help you create the investment plan that will see you through to leaving the legacy you imagine with the wealth you earn, grow, and invest.