Where do I go Online to Look at my Accounts?



Where do I go Online to Look at my Accounts?

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You have THREE places you can access your accounts online – each delivers account information a bit different than the others.

To access your new portals, you will need to have the following information handy:

•   Social Security Number
•   Brokerage account #s: XXXX-XXXX
•   Date of birth
•   Your phone number

The Three online portals you’ll have access to are:

1. Charles Schwab (www.schwab.com):  Schwab is your 3rd party, independent custodian, and they provide the following for you:

a. Monthly statements
b. Trade Confirmations
c. Tax forms in February or March of each year.

2. Loring Ward (https://loringward.envestnet.com/secure/app.jsp?_channel=lw&b=yes): This is our administrator and their site provides lots of good tools and education for you. From them, you will receive:

a. Quarterly statements. These include lots of good metrics and data you can use to evaluate your investment portfolio.
b. Trade confirmations.
c. Education and tools.

3. eMoney (https://wealth.emaplan.com/ema/SignIn?ema%2fria%2fhilaryhendershottwm): eMoney is your account aggregator tool, as well as, our financial planning tool. We encourage you to link your other financial accounts (401(k)s, bank accounts, mortgage, those kinds of things) so you’re be able to see your net worth in one place at any time.  There are also tools and calculators available in your login.

a. You will receive a separate email invitation to eMoney.
b. The first time you login, it will ask you to go through a quick on-boarding process. Please do this, as it will help us with the coaching process.
c.  After the on-boarding process is complete, you are able to link up your accounts to your portal. You do this by clicking on the Organizer tab, and then on Accounts.  You’ll want to have your account usernames and passwords available to link them all. We have already linked your Schwab accounts.

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